International Center for Personalized Medicine (ICPM P7MEDICINE) was founded by people who believe that everyone can make choices about health and life changes that face us during our lives.

Our aim is to educate, empower and enable individuals to understand personalized medicine, to share decisions about their medical care with their clinicians and to make informed choices about their own health and futures.

ICPM brings together its founders’ expertise in genetics, the understanding of DNA, molecular & cellular medicine and the information that it carries with a deep desire to provide this knowledge in a way that ensures that everyone can understand and use it to the full.

ICPM develops together with its clinical and technical partners clinical diagnostic and prognostic tests and decision tools that not only guide your choice of treatment of serious diseases should you become ill, but also give you vital information that can help you make health choices at every stage of your life and the lives of your family.

We do this by using your own genetic information, combined with our own scientific knowledge and our proprietary analysis algorithms and tools.
We take data from several assay and technology types and build in information about your health, family history and lifestyle, then apply our proprietary analysis and decision-making algorithms.

Finally, we provide consultation on your results and give them to you in a way that is not only relevant and accurate in advising on treatment decisions but also understandable and useful to you in managing your own health.

Professor Dr. K. Nayernia


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